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I have One Vb.Net Application, It Use M. S. Access 2003 Database. Currently It Run Perfactly on Single PC.

I want to convert said app. into Server - Client Application.

My Basic Question is, How can we do that . . . . ?

I tried to refrence from this website.

This is basic Chat App. I want logic and some basic coding idea for following :-
I got All Logic but I am New to Socket of and access
( Client - Server ).

Can you Guide (With Example Code) for
(1) Connection,
(2) Access Database ( Like Insert, Update and Delete ).
(3) Fetching Data ( Fill Datagrid with data from Server into Client )

Sorry but I am not Understand How to Code and ask same again.

Updated 3-Sep-11 23:01pm
Bert Mitton 2-Sep-11 15:01pm    
Are you committed to MS Access 2003? If not, I suggest switching to SQL Server.
s1a2b3 3-Sep-11 2:06am    
Commited to MS Access 2003, :(

Step 1) You need to host the database in central server / location and allow client programs to access it.
Step 2) You will need to make sure all clients have network access to this location.
Step 3) To do this, you will need to setup a database connection, say an ODBC setup, on every client
Step 4) You will need to install the client program (VB.Net program) on every client.

Search on the internet. You should be able to locate a good number of articles / samples / tutorials on this type of setup.
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Wendelius 2-Sep-11 15:09pm    
Exactly, 5'd :)
Abhinav S 3-Sep-11 0:23am    
Thank you Mika.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 2-Sep-11 15:35pm    
Right, a 5.
Abhinav S 3-Sep-11 0:23am    
Thanks SA.
RaviRanjanKr 2-Sep-11 15:37pm    
My 5+
To add to Abhinav's answer, since this is an Access project, the client needs to have direct access to the database files. This means that you most likely have to share the folder where the files are located.

For the future. If you plan to have more clients and you want to achieve more secure and robust environment, I'd suggest that you would have a look at SQL Server Express Edition:[^]. Migrating to SQL Server at this point could be well worth the time for the future.
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RaviRanjanKr 2-Sep-11 15:38pm    
Nice suggestion. My 5+
Wendelius 2-Sep-11 15:40pm    
Thanks :)
Abhinav S 3-Sep-11 0:24am    
Good point about direct access. 5.
s1a2b3 3-Sep-11 2:34am    
I share Icon file of App. with Clients but App. Stuck on Splash Screen without showing error. I have to share the folder wher app. installed ? I also use registry to license, Is it Possible to Cause that Bug coz Registry not avil in client ?
What Abhinav and Mika says its good...

But you can try also a webservice refrance to your client side application to communicate with server..

1) That service will able to perform server side database access to perform your database operation.
2) Install or run that webservice over your server.
3) from the client computer you need only a webrefrance to access that service and its method for what you need to perform

2) How to consume webservice in desktop application..?[^]
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