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hi all i have created small application, from my application i am writing my output in a notepad file, when i write my output i will declare font too..

but my font is not assigning to the notepad file ,
below is my code
using (StreamWriter writer = new StreamWriter(Server.MapPath("~/Temp_Report/" + Session["User"] + ".Barcode.txt"), true))
              Font font1 = new System.Drawing.Font("IDAutomationSC128M DEMO", 11);//// Font name(font Declaration)
              writer.WriteLine("THAMEEM HOME CENTET,L.L.C");
              writer.WriteLine("Same Value", font1);
              writer.WriteLine("Short Description");

give me solution for my issue..
Updated 4-Sep-11 22:36pm

Text files do not include formatting. The user can select a font and size in the application but it is not stored in the text file.

If you need file type including formatting, consider using pdf, doc, html etc.
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sameertm 5-Sep-11 4:41am    
so this same code(which i wrote) will work for doc file ?
Take a look at the following codeproject article.

NRTFTree - A class library for RTF processing in C#[^]

Think this is exactly what you need.
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sameertm 5-Sep-11 5:32am    
i guess there is no relation between my question and your answer(article)!

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