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I am working with and sql server.
I am binding dropdown to tbl_item.
tbl_item contain 15627 rows.

when i click on page load, it take approx. 3 to 5 min to load page...

Is there any different approch to bind dropdown so that within fraction of seconds page get loaded.
To note: i am using telerik dropdown control.

My code :
Dim str As String = "SELECT [item_code], [auto_id], [description], [pk_qty] from [tbl_item]"
Dim myadp As SqlDataAdapter = New SqlDataAdapter(str, conn)
Dim myds As New DataSet
With drpitem_code
    .DataTextField = myds.Tables(0).Columns("item_code").ToString
    .DataValueField = myds.Tables(0).Columns("auto_id").ToString
    .DataSource = myds
    .Items.Insert(0, New Telerik.WebControls.RadComboBoxItem("SELECT"))
End With

Any help is greatly appreciated
Suresh Suthar 8-Sep-11 8:30am
Why are you binding this much items to a drop down list?
You can use another approach like AutoComplete or something else to select item.


Use Paged Data source[^] and you can use Load on demand[^] this will resolve your issue.
For Biding Your Dropdown you can use this..

1) Declare a webmethod in your codebehind page that will work for binding your dropdown
2) and at the time of page load you can call that method using jquery + ajax call back
3) so that work silently and your page is loaded faster.

and you can also use a lazy loading

Refrance for Lazy Loading

ASP.NET Lazy Content Loading Through WCF REST Service[^]

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