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Fatal error: Call to undefined function sybase_connect() in C:\xampp\htdocs\pcgear\index.php on line 3

$link = sybase_connect('Sybase', 'sa', '')
        or die("Could not connect !");
echo "Connected successfully";

Sybase and Apache themselves work. but php can't connect to sybase

I have uncommented out extension=php_sybase_ct.dll and turn on magic_quotes_sybase = On @ c:\xampp\php\php.ini

I use Windows 7 Ultimate, xampp-win32-1.7.4-VC6-installer,sybase ase155esd2_winx86.

Please help. Thank you very much!
Updated 8-Sep-11 13:45pm

1 solution

This is straight out of the PHP Manual, Sybase section.

To enable Sybase-DB support configure PHP --with-sybase[=DIR]. DIR is the Sybase home directory, defaults to /home/sybase. To enable Sybase-CT support configure PHP --with-sybase-ct[=DIR]. DIR is the Sybase home directory, defaults to /home/sybase.

Note: As of PHP 5.3.0, the Sybase extension has been superseded by the sybase_ct extension and is no longer maintained. To continue using sybase you must use the sybase_ct extension.

As it says, if you are using PHP 5.3, you need to switch to sybase_ct or drop back to an older PHP.

Member 7751939 9-Sep-11 1:24am
Thanks for your kind solution. Can you let me know how to enable sybase_ct under windows7? What shall I type in the php.ini after
Peter_in_2780 9-Sep-11 2:42am
I don't know myself. All I can suggest is poking around or whatever sybase support sites you can find. Given that the error is "undefined function", it looks like a module inclusion issue.

Really dumb question. Have you restarted apache after you edited php.ini? A lot of config stuff is only read at apache startup.

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