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The magic search text for this has eluded me for months:
When you move your mouse to the left of your code you first hit the expand / collapse zone with a line and + - boxes. Continue to the left and you hit the magic "line select" zone. It is stupid tiny though and Fitt's Law disapproves. Continue on and you get to the click zone for setting and removing breakpoints which is gigantic and pink colored.

So, how on earth do I make the line selection area large, like at least triple the size. Ideally I can make the breakpoint stuff require command keys so it stops barfing up my line editing and instead helps add more area to it.

Update: the zone is called the selection margin.
Updated 14-Sep-11 10:54am
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 9-Sep-11 23:56pm    
Maybe I did not completely understand the problem, but I like that you really care about the quality of you tools, which suggests you may really care a lot about the quality of your own work -- my 5 for the question (I and vote like that for the questions quite rarely).

Your editing ideas looks pretty thoughtful.

You know what? If you think Visual Studio editor is wrong, please realize that you have very little change to get listened by Microsoft, especially if you simply complain or even file a complain. Frankly, I never heard that Microsoft responded properly to such things.

Here is the idea: would you care to devise your own text editor with perfect treatment of selection, expanding/collapsing of the code-scope fragments (and, by the way, syntax highlighting) and publish you work at, say, CodeProject? This is the only way to get heard I can possibly imagine.

(Also, for references, take a look at the editors of SharpDevelop and MonoDevelop, see:[^],[^],[^],[^].)

Good luck,
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Azethoth 10-Sep-11 3:27am    
I had not considered alternative editors for the project I am on. I will give these a whirl when I get some down time.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 10-Sep-11 20:06pm    
I did not advise you to create Windows Studio solution with alternative editor; I suggested you could offer your own editor which would show everyone how to do things write.
The issue initially arose because I turned off line numbering. Who uses line numbers?

By turning them on again I get numbering visual noise added, however the selection margin increases to a usable size.
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