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I've created 100 buttons dynamically. But how to add a common event handler to this..

also need to know which button is clicked..


1 solution

Dim buttons As New List(Of Button)()
for(int i = 0; i<100; i++)
    Dim myButton As New Button()
    AddHandler myButton.Click , AddressOf MyClickHandler

Private Sub MyClickHandler(sender As Object, e As System.EventArgs)
End Sub

Thats the best I can do without more insight, like whether you're using ASP.NET, Winforms, WPF..

Updated the answer there was some C# intermingled with the VB.NET
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DEB4u 10-Sep-11 20:11pm    
i'm asking for a procedure by which I can handle all the 100 button click event in 1 function without using switch case.
Simon Bang Terkildsen 10-Sep-11 20:13pm    
From what you just said I still see my answer as a solution to your question, you'll need to elaborate more.
Simon Bang Terkildsen 10-Sep-11 20:15pm    
As for which button is clicked the sender parameter is the instance of the button that were clicked. E.g.
Dim myButton As Button = TryCast(sender, Button)
DEB4u 10-Sep-11 20:17pm    
ya, thanks

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