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how to receive a String as its parameter and return the number of letters count in the String.

String: "The price is $70."
Alphabets count: 10

this my code, but how to count only alphabets?

public class MyRecursion
    //driver method
    public static void main(String[] args)
        //Example of a string to test with isPalindrome
        String str1 = "Malam";

        if( isPalindrome(str1))
        System.out.println("Word: " + str1 + " is a Palindrome");
        System.out.println("Word: " + str1 + " is NOT a Palindrome");
    }//end main

    //isPalindrome method
    public static boolean isPalindrome(String str)
        if (str.length() <= 1)
        return true;
            str = str.toLowerCase();
            char first = str.charAt(0);
            char last = str.charAt(str.length()-1);
            if (first == last )
            return isPalindrome(str.substring(1, str.length()-1));
            return false;
    }//end isPalindrome method
}//end class
Updated 12-Sep-11 18:10pm
CPallini 12-Sep-11 15:39pm    
Why should it be recursive (it smells of homework...)?
CPallini 12-Sep-11 17:48pm    
Your code actually checks recursively if the string is a palindrome. What's your problem with it?

I'm with CPallini - there is a strong sense of homework here. So, no code!

I wouldn't make this recursive - there is nothing here that requires recursion. Just loop through each of the characters in the string and - if it is alphabetic - add one to a count.

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TorstenH. 13-Sep-11 0:11am    
It's homework - that's why he's asking for recursion. I added a tag.
Recursion explained with examples[^]

The trick is to check the character if it is a int or char or something else.

You can accomplish the given task by trying to convert the character into a int - a NumberFormatException will appear if it is not a int. I think this is what your teacher has in mind.

Other solution (more elegant): convert the character into a int and check if it is within the range (ANSI Printable Characters[^] of a letter. Check the "Dec" (decimal) column on this table for reference.
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OriginalGriff 13-Sep-11 3:51am    
Why would you want to do any of that? You would get a NumberFormatException for '*',':',',', but they aren't alphabetic...
You would be better off not converting it at all, and using the Char.IsLetter method.
TorstenH. 13-Sep-11 4:32am    
It's a student's task. homework.
Nobody does really want to count the characters. It's just for the learning purpose. And therefor you need to do it recursive - just because the teacher said so.
OriginalGriff 13-Sep-11 4:40am    
No, I meant, "why would you want to convert the characters to anything else when you can process them perfectly happily, more easily, and more correctly as characters?" :laugh:
TorstenH. 13-Sep-11 5:57am    
...for the learning purpose? Did you figure out that this it's a student's homework?
You would do well to look here[^] at the Java documentation. Then, perhaps, using the index link, try looking at functions beginning with "is".
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