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I am thinking of developing a MDI in WPF...
After googling i came to know that it can be achieved through Tab Control with User Control Library in WPF...

Now my question is After Creating My Window in a UserControl and then using XAML code to call the user control...

When the Main Window runs do WPF loads all the tab and its content...

Or as i click on a ta its content loads at that time from the dll...

Because i want my application size to be small by using seperate dll for groups of windows as usercontrol....

Now one more question who knows WPF and tab control

<tabcontrol margin="10,10,10,10" name="tabMain" tabstripplacement="Left">
         <Style TargetType="{x:Type TabItem}">
             <setter property="Height" value="30" />
             <setter property="Width" value="100" />
     <tabitem header="Create" name="tiCreate">
     <tabitem header="Vouchers" name="tiVouchers">
         <grid />
     <tabitem header="Display" name="tiDisplay">
         <grid />
     <tabitem header="Reports" name="tiReports">
         <grid />

If u see this i have used resource and aligned the tabstrip in left and setted the deault width as 100 and now i want to change the selected tabheader width to 120 and unselected tabheader width as 100 as default.. how can i use that..
May be i need to use triggers but not sure how to use that

1 solution

Please have a look on that. This is very handy.

Header Editable Tab Control in WPF[^]
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