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Is there any faster method other than Delegates to call more than one function at a time?
Updated 19-Sep-11 6:46am
#realJSOP 19-Sep-11 11:49am    
What does that mean?
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 19-Sep-11 11:53am    
First, show you code with delegates and explain the requirements. Without it, this question does not sound like a sensible one.
Philippe Mori 19-Sep-11 21:20pm    
If your application process a lot of data by calling a lot of function, then I would suggest you to try alternatives and measure them to see how the performance is affected.

For general applications, then simply select the best design for your application.

1 solution

Delegates are pretty quick, so it's unlikely you'd need something faster. When you say calling more than one function at a time, do you mean chaining multiple methods together on a delegate to call sequentially? I presume so, unless you referring to the asynchronous programming model for multithreaded access.

An alternative is to define a method on an interface, get all 'subscribers' to implement this and then just iterate over a collection calling the method, but frankly I have no idea whether that would be quicker. I *think* that's the way Java does it.
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