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I want to return the rows from my table prior to last five inserted rows...

How can i do this...

I only know to get the top five rows but now i want to get the rows inserted before the top five rows.
AditSheth 27-Sep-11 0:21am
You have not primary key in your table.
Then any other field from which we can order the table. like datetime

Assuming your tablename has a primary key by the name of pid :

select * from tablename where pid not in (select top 5 pid from tablename order by pid desc)
Kishore Jangid 26-Sep-11 7:39am
I dont want the top 5, but to get all rows other than the top 5
Mehdi Gholam 26-Sep-11 7:53am
I have edited the solution.
Kishore Jangid 26-Sep-11 7:55am
What if i dont have primary key
Mehdi Gholam 26-Sep-11 8:03am
Then create a primary key, your tables absolutely need a primary key, without one performance goes down the drain.
Kishore Jangid 26-Sep-11 8:40am
But that table beign a master table doesnt need to have a primary key
Mehdi Gholam 26-Sep-11 8:46am
All tables should have a primary key.
Try this

with tmp as(
select color, row_number() over (partition by date order by date) rn
from TableA
select * from tmp where rn > 5
MaulikDusara 27-Sep-11 0:40am
good one :) my 5

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