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Hi guys, Thank you for always been there.
I was hired by a company to develop a windows application that will run on a local Intranet more like a client server software. The client will connect to the server using a public IP address assign to the server. (I guess but not sure, this will be hard-coded inside the program). And also a license key that will be entered before installation of the software will proceed, but i dont really know how to go about it.

Any reference to an existing source or URL link is welcome.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 28-Sep-11 12:58pm    
Why Forms?

1 solution

Implement a server part as Windows Service, a client part as Windows application, using WPF or System.Windows.Forms, for communication use WCF hosted by your service (self-hosting), or classical remoting or TCP sockets at the level of TcpListener/TcpClient or… — you a name it. The question is too general to go into further detail, it all depends on requirements.

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ahmedfaruk88 2-Oct-11 17:14pm    
I don't really Know how to use WPF and WCF, in-short i will appreciate if you can give me a detailed insight on how they both work. You also made mention of implementing the server part as windows service how do i do that.

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