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Hi, i have problem with invoke i have one class something like and inside another one
Public Class Form1
public class client

 Private Sub finish(ByVal message As String)
            If Me.InvokeRequired Then
                Me.Invoke(New send(AddressOf finish), message)

       + " Left server")
            End If
        End Sub
    End Class

end class
end class

and it gives me error ;Invoke; is not a member of ....
I don't understand what's wrong how I can use invoke in another class ??
Thank you
Updated 2-Oct-11 14:13pm

1 solution

That's simply because you have not implemented a method called Invoke. I guess that is intentional as you seem to think your class client inherits Control which has a method called Invoke.
So you'll have to either implement Invoke yourself or inherit from Control[^].
The same goes for Form1.client.InvokeRequired
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eljecto 3-Oct-11 6:16am    
so how do i do it ? because it doesnt seem to work for me or i dont get it . thanks
Simon Bang Terkildsen 4-Oct-11 2:34am    
Seems I were not notified by email of your comment, thus I did not notice it. But I see SA has provided you with a very thorough answer, I hope it helps you.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 3-Oct-11 19:35pm    
My 5. The question was later re-posted twice, I happened to answer in more detail here:
Simon Bang Terkildsen 4-Oct-11 2:31am    
Thank you, SA
That's a very thorough answer you posted there, it got my 5 :)

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