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I am the beginner for c program...

what is mean by
Linker Error: undefined symbol print in module

anyone explain
Updated 10-Jan-23 5:56am

Did you mis-spell printf?
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Simon Bang Terkildsen 4-Oct-11 13:23pm    
hehe, most likely
The linker error in question means that you have used a function print but the linker cannot find that function in any of the libraries that you have added to the linker.

Please read some more books before working with C as it is very unforgiving, if you are not up to it switch languages to something easier like c#, or java.
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Simon Bang Terkildsen 4-Oct-11 13:23pm    
+5, completely agree if the OP is new to programming he/she should start with a managed language, even Java is better than C :P
Hey friends here is a solution for linker errors in C,

Linker error are the errors which are arised during runtime.In C while we run a program the program directly links with the hardware such as I/O or Graphics devices etc.
But during the compilation time the code only checks the syntax of the instruction sets by using direct interaction of the included header files.An object code(.obj) file is generated which can't be run by user actually.This is done by assembler.
But linking of files refers to generation of an executable(.exe) file which can be run by user.During runtime of a C program the compiler wants to get the access of the corresponding hardware also.It tries to link with the related hardware by using the hardware drivers provided by the compiler.
If the compiler doesn't get the access to the hardware it fails to create the executable file.Then a linker error is generated.
Here is the solution for this problem.
For Turbo c3 compilers,
Goto Options -> Linker -> Libraries -> check the necessary Libraries (e.g. check Graphics Library for linker error in graphics programming or check Container class for the C programs where a linker error is arised due to the continer classes used or check Standard run time for the general or standard input-output C programs).
Thank you friends,
Make a try of my solution.... :)
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