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Hello Sir,

I am performing insert the data into database using linq to sqlserver on Click Submit Button, But after click on submit page is refreshing , "i have checked by code that again and again calling get method" Please help me guys any solution u have ...

"I am using custom user control (Userreg.ascx) for filling data and submit button on Default.aspx page"

My Sample code is

private GeneralDetails GD = new GeneralDetails();

public int InsertRegDetails()

 GD.FirstName = txtFirstName.Text;
 GD.MiddleName = txtMiddleName.Text;
 GD.LastName = txtLastName.Text;


protected void LinkButton1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)


           Status = RegInGeneral1.InsertRegDetails();

           dvMessage.Visible = true;
           dvReg.Visible = false;
           ShowMessage1.Success = SessionVariables.MsgSuccessfulyReg;
           ShowMessage1.Failure = SessionVariables.MsgAlreadtReg;

           if (Status == 1)

               ShowMessage1.showSuccess = true;
               ShowMessage1.showSuccess = false;
               dvMessage.Visible = false;
               dvReg.Visible = true;


       catch (Exception ex)
           SessionVariables.ErrorMessage(DateTime.Now + " SessionId = " + Session.SessionID.ToString() + " ip = " + SessionVariables.IPAddress + "  Error Message:" + ex.Message);


Updated 5-Oct-11 2:55am
Herman<T>.Instance 5-Oct-11 7:53am    
each button click leads to a postback. So what code is in your Page_Load event? Do you use the check if(!Page.IsPostBack) in the Page_Load event ?

1 solution

on page load You should Be specify if(!Page.IsPostBack)
for more detail information follow this URL:[^]
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