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I have two tables . One for item and another for itempermission .
Items contain fields : itemid,itemname,companyname
and itempermission contains fields : permissionid,adminid,productid.

I want to bind those fields of item table whose productid present in the itempermission through Grid View .


try this query for joinning two tables based on condition

   select I.itemid,I.itemname from Item as I,itempermission as IP
where I.itemid=IP.productid

After that bind result to gridview

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Muralikrishna8811 7-Oct-11 6:55am    
what is the error
Vimalrashamra 7-Oct-11 7:02am    
NullRefrence Exception Error

in this line : if (productTable.Tables["Products"].Rows.Count == 0)
Muralikrishna8811 7-Oct-11 7:06am    
try query in sqlserver directly
Vimalrashamra 7-Oct-11 7:13am    
In sqlserver its working
Muralikrishna8811 7-Oct-11 8:12am    
you getting data by that query in sqlserver
you can write join query. use this one

select I.itemid,I.itemname,I.companyname from Item I Inner join itempermission IP on I.itemid=IP.productid
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