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Hi guys,

I know that "\" is an escape character, but is there really no possibility to read it as a "normal" character?

I wanted to read a path (which is read out in a string) character by character and check whether one is a backslash.. but that only works if i put double backslashes in the path.

Hope you can help me!

String slash = "\\";

There's no alternatives.
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epanjohura 10-Oct-11 2:20am    
that also doesn't work, but I think I found the problem :)
André Kraak 10-Oct-11 2:33am    
If you have found the solution please post it as a solution here, so that anyone with a similar problem can use it.
Thank you.
epanjohura 10-Oct-11 2:34am    
yes of course I'll post it here, I'm just trying if this works :)
epanjohura 12-Oct-11 1:42am    
I found a solution ;)
My Solution:

First I used
import java.util.Properties;
import java io.IOException;

and loaded the file with
private static String InFile;
String Path;

Properties props = new Properties();
FileInputStream in = null;

// create input stream to read file
    in = new FileInputStream(new File(Path));
} catch(FileNotFoundException e1) {

} catch(IOException e) {

I got my path by searching in file by a key word p.E.
InFile = props.getProperty("Path=");

and thats not a good idea for that what I did.
As I said, I wanted to check if there is any backslash in the path, if yes then add another backslash.
Well, that's what I did instead of using this properies:
import java.util.Scanner;

String Lines = null;

FileReader fr = new FileReader(Path);
Scanner input = new Scanner(fr);

// read out each line of file
    Lines = input.nextLine();

I hope everyone understand what I'm trying to explain :)

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