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I made an application and two exe files (of my windows application) are added on button click event of my application. It works fine when i run locally but when i host this website, its not showing me exe files instead these exe files are showing in my task manager.
Updated 10-Oct-11 2:47am

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If you mean that you are running two exe files in the server side code behind and it works fine locally but fails when hosted remotely, then yes, that is what I would expect.

A server side execution runs the application on the server, not the client. It appears to work when you host it locally, because the client and server are on the same machine. But when hosted properly, it "fails" because the application is running at the server, and the client cannot see it. The web server administrator probably can though - and is likely to start swearing at you...

You cannot get applications to run on the client - that is classed as "probable virus activity" and is prevented by just about everything!
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mirzamujib 10-Oct-11 9:34am    
Thanks Griff.. but then what could be the solution for it to run..
Actually i made a website in and made two separate chat programs(which are two different exe files), one for administrator and one for client. so, in my web application whenever user wants to chat with the admin, those .exe files (which are my windows app forms) should open. I hope its clear ....
Please i need help, i'm stuck here...
OriginalGriff 10-Oct-11 9:53am    
You cannot open an exe file on the client from the server: that is banned so naughty people can't take over your machine.
You would normally have to chat via the website itself. You can chat between the two exe files if they have been written to do that, but they have to be opened by the client. Think about how skype works: you install a program on both computers, and they talk via it. They don't talk directly via the skype website!
mirzamujib 10-Oct-11 10:26am    
Thanks a lot Griff...
I'll try it...

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