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I would like to create a sample application using webdav protocol.I am new to Webdav.

My requirement is as follows

Store the word document in IIS server
Create a client which will access the document

I might have to write a class which would reside on server side for responding to requests sent by client. In other words the class on server side would be to respond to handle requests raised by webdav mini redirector. Could you please suggest me how I could create?

The reason for creating the application is whenever we try to access a document on a server using webdav protocol if get requests takes more than 50 seconds to respond to client ,the webdav miniredirector sends an unlock request even though the time out set on lock response is more than 60 minutes.Due to this unlock request the document opens in read -only mode and quits.

Discussed with microsoft but microsoft wants a reproducable scenario hence have to create the application with get request delay of 60 seconds such that the unlock request would be sent automatically.

Kindly help this is an escalated issue, not able to find any help on internet search
Updated 11-Oct-11 1:33am

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Dot any help?

Did you find this:[^]?
Did you see this discussion and the links provided in the answer[^]?

How about this:[^]?

Maybe you need to try your search again?[^].

Almost 7 millions results could give you some help. I can see many of the top search results which are already look quite relevant.

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