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I want to start programming an iphone application and i know C# good so can i download a specefic SDK(from where) knowing that i have no mac book i want to work on microsoft windows 7 with 2008/2010 framework 3.5/4.0 (i have iphone 4 mobile)
please i want all the support cause i dont know anything about iphone programming and iphone tools and as i know IOS is strictly different from microsoft windows


In a word, no. There is Mono support for the iPhone, but it's currently limited. They have spoken in the past about the possibility of writing a Silverlight app, with a series of "iPhone style" controls that could be statically linked as an iPhone app, but that's some way off.

If it's games you're interested in, and you have deep pockets, then UNITY[^] is a Mono based game development platform that supports the iPhone (and runs on Windows)

Failing that, bite the bullet and get a cheap Mac from EBay. Officially only Intel Macs are supported for the SDK, but you can get it to install on PPC ones and I've yet to have a problem with that (I'm running it on a G5 PowerMac at the moment)

MonoTouch[^]. You still need a mac and a minimum of $400 (as of this writing)

You can try the evaluation version which doesn't require you to pay and allows you program using the simulator. If you want to test your app on the hardware then you need to pocket the money.

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Mehdi Gholam 14-Oct-11 4:45am    
My 5!
André Kraak 14-Oct-11 4:47am    
As far as i know it's not possible. If you ask "how can i install ios on a PC" or "how can i compile iPhone codes in windows." or maybe "how can i write code for iPhone on windows", you can find some answers - useful or not. You need a Mac and you need to know use of this MacOS and knowledge of Objective C. This is what i know from last year - when i was trying to find a way for iphone programming on Visual Studio(not even Windows lol) like you.
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youssef_123 14-Oct-11 4:58am    
ok man so for sure i can develop app for windows mobile and i installed the the SDK of windows phone 6.0 .... but when i try to debug it(like any app for PC) there is a message: Deploy but how can i deploy it and is it required to connect the mobile to pc during deploying.
and also if you have any best way to develop, deploy, install SDKs or any thing can help me in mobile development plz help me my friend.
i owe you

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