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I want to download a complete folder with its files from ftp server.

For Example, there is a folder "hello" with 3 files and 1 directory "subfolder" which has one file in it.

1) Request a list of files and folders in the target folder
2) Download each file separately.
3) Repeat 1) and 2) for the subfolders.
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sethupathiram 14-Oct-11 7:38am    
Plzzz tell the logic How do need to write the function.
Simon Bang is totally right.
Anyway, I use the following recursive approach (which is pretty much the same)
(keep in mind that this is just sample code to illustrate the logic):
public void DownloadFtpFolder(string ftpFolderPath)
    FtpFolder fo = new FtpFolder(folderPath);
    foreach (FtpFile fi in fo.FtpFiles)
    foreach (FtpFolder f in fo.FtpFolders)
public void DownloadFtpFile(string ftpFilePath)
    // download the file here

You need a ftp library for downloading the actual files and navigating the folders, but I hope this illustrates how this could be done theoratically.

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sethupathiram 15-Oct-11 0:51am    
Hi Could you plzz share me that ftp library files.
hoernchenmeister 17-Oct-11 2:27am    
We use a commercial library called IpWorks, but this approach applies to pretty much all other libs too.
I am pretty sure you might find a free library using google.

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