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how can i delete data child and parent tables with out delete their relationship.
is it possible...?
thanks in advance

You can't delete tables and keep the relationship if you want to keep the relationship you need to keep the tables and just delete the content!

Cascading Delete[^]
K N R 14-Oct-11 9:03am
hey simon,
am not delete tables, only delete content.
Simon_Whale 14-Oct-11 9:04am
Updated the answer text.. Cascading delete is what you are after using.
Simon Bang Terkildsen 14-Oct-11 9:09am
Indeed, my 5
Simon_Whale 14-Oct-11 9:10am
Thanks Simon :)
Simon Bang Terkildsen 14-Oct-11 9:07am
Ahh ok, I get it now, delete content not tables :)
As Simon said cascade delete is an option and a simple and easy one. Another option is to delete the "child data" first then the parent(s).
K N R 14-Oct-11 9:06am
can you please explain me i am new about this requirement
No ofcourse not, if you delete the tables then there are no tables to have a relationship between.
K N R 14-Oct-11 8:55am
hey simon,
first to find child tables and find is their any relationship if their then find parent table. in this way is working or not..?
can you please help me.
Simon Bang Terkildsen 14-Oct-11 9:05am
Sorry, I don't think I understand what you're asking.
If you're asking if it is possible to find all tables that some random table has a relationship to then yes. But it's not easy however, but if you google t-sql table get relationships you should be able to find plenty of discussions about how you can do it, the first two hits seem promising.
K N R 15-Oct-11 5:04am
thanks for your solution

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