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Hi guys, i am using visual studio 2010 c#. This function is suposed to connect to a database and create a view for further use. Unfortunately when i run the program it says "Incorrect syntax near 'View' ". But the syntax is correct! I try running the string comand in SQL query and it works. But form Visual c# sends the error message. I have doublechecked that there is NOT another view in the database. And if i take off the "CREATE VIEW" part from the comand string and leave the rest, the program works! Thats weird... Plz HELP. Thanks in avdvance.

 private void button1_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)

     int i = 0;
     Boolean Error = false;
String comand=null;
int j = i - 1;

String connect = @"Data Source=STAGE1-SW\SQLEXPRESS;Initial Catalog=License_Data;Integrated Security=True";
     SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection(connect);
     SqlDataReader rdr = null;
     String comand2 = null;
         comand = @"CREATE VIEW [Vista0] AS (SELECT * FROM [Customers] WHERE (Ragione_Sociale LIKE (@Nome + '%')))"; /*This is the part that is run ignore the other command for now*/
         comand = @"Create View Vista" + i.ToString() + " as SELECT  * FROM Vista" + j.ToString() + " WHERE (Ragione_Sociale LIKE @Nome + '%')";


     SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand(comand, con);
     cmd.Parameters.Add("@Nome", System.Data.SqlDbType.VarChar).Value ="ma";




in SQL you cannot have views with parameters[^]

I suggest you creating a Stored Procedure and than you can pass the parameter value.

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Elman90 21-Oct-11 11:31am    
Thanks! Havent tried but that must be it.
Best Regards man ;)
SqlConnection conn = null;
conn = new SqlConnection("yourConnectionString");
string strSQLCommand = "CREATE VIEW vw_YourView AS SELECT YOurColumn FROM YourTable";
SqlCommand command = new SqlCommand(strSQLCommand, conn); 
string returnvalue = (string)command.ExecuteScalar(); 
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Elman90 21-Oct-11 11:22am    
Thaknks for the reply, but thats basically what i wrote, (the only diff is ExecuteScalar() instead of ExecuteNonQuery() ) Still i tried that too to be sure, Doesnt work. BTW its a WPF application,, if that makes a difference
theanil 21-Oct-11 11:31am    
try running exact querry, i tried it is working

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