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I have an execution file which I used to run regulary. Susdendly I cannot run it anymore. When I run it just do nothing. Ex. I have a.exe under c:\test folder which i run everything. now it has been changed to be folder a instead. I could not find my a.exe in windows explorer, I saw only a as a folder which I cannot open it. When I go to cmd.exe and run "dir a.exe /s" I saw it shown c:\test\a.exe

I think that I gote tease from my roommate which he recently learn ASM. I'm guessing that he used ASM language to modify my file.

Is there anyway to revert it back?

Thank you.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 24-Oct-11 0:00am    
Off-topic! This is a forum for software developers.

What I suspect he has done is set the directory bit of the file descriptor - what a humorous chappie.

Ask him nicely to set it back, or rename it, regenerate the exe file (and with a name like "a.exe" I am guessing it's not production software so you should have the source). It probably isn't worth playing with the directory bit directly (I didn't know Vista / Win7 even let you near it) as that may not undo everything he did.

Then password protect your computer so he can't do it again.

Then kill him. :laugh:
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It's a simple matter to delete or rename a file and create a folder called a.exe in Windows Explorer. Just ask him what he did with your original file.
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