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I have created a simple program in a console application and the result is printing correctly like


now i designed a windows form with a button and a text box.What i need is,when i click on the button the results in my console application should be displayed in the text box in the window form application.Is that possible?If yes..could you tell me how to do that?


What you can do is start the console application from your WinForms code and redirect the standard output of the console to a stream you can read within the WinForms app.

Take a look at the code example here:[^]
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BobJanova 2-Nov-11 7:38am    
5 for correct approach.
use Console.Out Link[^] property to send the output from console to a text file, then read the values from the text and show it on the textbox.
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Menon Santosh 2-Nov-11 8:45am    
Nice Solution ;)
In addition to the responses you've already had, if you're wanting to combine Forms and Console then you may find my tip[^] useful. It does it the other way around (WinForm with Console attached) but if you read the comments you'll see it can be the other way too.
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In the Button click event u write the code like
var thevalue = 'ur object'
Textbox1.text = thevalue.tostring;
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