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I am using Inno Setup to build installer. I want to force user to install driver at the end of installation. My driver installation will prompt the user to restart the machine.
If i use Post Install Flag in [Run] section, i am able to achieve it, but here i am giving an option for the user to decide whether to install or not. I dont want to give user that option.

If i am not using Post install Flag, my driver gets installed and prompts user to restart the machine before my application gets completely installed and configures few system settings.

So how can i achieve my requirement? I appreciate a good suggestion. Thanks in advance.

how do i install driver at the end of installation, with out giving user an option to decide weather to install or not?


Updated 11-Nov-11 19:26pm

What if you start the installer from a batch file and wait for it to finish then start the driver installation (again from the batch) without prompting the user? Of course, you would want to still show the user you're doing something with some sort of feedback.

If all this is done from a CD, having an extra batch file wouldn't hurt. Only issue would be if you tried to have the installer be a single executable (not sure if that's what you're trying to do).
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gssajith87 3-Nov-11 0:51am    
Thank u. But i am trying to have the installer as a single executable.
gssajith87 3-Nov-11 0:55am    
I feel it would be solvable, if there is an option or flag in inno script equivalent to POST INSTALL FLAG, by which the check box at the finish wizard is hidden and the installation happens just before the finish button is click. Ultimately, the driver installation should be the last step of installation, hidden from the user.

Albert Holguin 3-Nov-11 1:08am    
I've never used the specific install software you're using, so I can only suggest things outside of that installer... Have another possible solution...
If it is critical for your app to have that driver installed, another possible solution might be for the application itself to check if the driver is installed when it is first run (do this by looking at the registry), and if the driver is not installed, launch the installer programmatically from your application. After the installation, you can make the startup faster by placing some install token in the registry so you don't have to look for the driver next time.
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gssajith87 3-Nov-11 4:25am    
Thanks for your suggestion.
But, i feel not to have the check or installation procedure inside my application. I wish to know if there is any thing that is possible using inno script.

Albert Holguin 3-Nov-11 11:00am    
I believe they have their own help forums as well don't they? Why don't you try asking for help there... I use InstallShield for my installations...
gssajith87 3-Nov-11 4:31am    
I feel so, because i dont want my users to launch the application for using and it will restart the machine due to driver installation. I feel it will take the feel out of the user using the product.


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