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<tag>Could you please help me how to add Dynamic text box value to Database.


Create dynamic textbox in repeater, and on submit
foreach (RepeaterItem item in Repeater1.Items)
   // Find Textbox from repeater and save to database.
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[no name] 5-Nov-11 9:14am    
Yes, After that you can find the control in the repeater
string strText = (((TextBox)item.Controls[1]).Text);
Mukund Thakker 5-Nov-11 9:15am    
Thanks mike for enhancing my comments. 7-Nov-11 8:08am    
Hi Mukund thanks for your suggestion currently working on it..
You can use an array to keep these values.Then transfer with a "for" rotation to your database.If you can show me a code part i can help you with more detail.
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Comments 4-Nov-11 11:54am    
hi sercan any updates?
Hi Arokia,

Can you please provide some code behind or aspx thing so that we can help you...
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Comments 4-Nov-11 11:55am    
Hi srimanch any updates?

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