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date is stored in string type variable strdate.
how to covert strdate to date format.

than you
vinay gowda

Try the DateTime.TryParse[^] or DateTime.TryParseExact[^] methods.
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Mehdi Gholam 4-Nov-11 2:51am    
Abhinav S 4-Nov-11 4:14am    
Thank you Mehdi.
Dim convertedDate As Date = Date.Parse(strdate)
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Abhinav S 4-Nov-11 4:15am    
Yes that is correct as well. However, TryParse and TryParseExact are safer methods if you are not sure if the string is actually a date. My 5.
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DateTime.TryParseExact will parse your string exactly to convert it to dateTime format. Just pass the needed datetime format and you will get parsed string.
here is example.
Dim enUS As New CultureInfo("en-US") 
dateString = "5/01/2009 09:00"
Date.TryParseExact(dateString, "M/dd/yyyy hh:mm", enUS,DateTimeStyles.None, dateValue)
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Abhinav S 4-Nov-11 4:16am    
Similar to my answer but with example. 5.

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