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I am working on project having the following requirement, kindly help accomplishing the following tasks

Following are the main features of the system:

Macros for Keyboard
Record keyboard inputs and save them for applying in future. This feature will allow users to record some text, after saving the recording, users should be able to press a hotkey to paste the text inside text based applications (such as notepad, word, excel, chat windows of messengers, inside browsers for email etc)

Record keyboard inputs to open applications. This feature will allow users to assign hotkeys to any installed application or file or folder in the system. After pressing the certain hotkey the appropriate application/file/folder should be opened. The application must not allow duplicate hotkeys.

Record keyboard inputs to fill forms. This feature will allow users to record keyboard sequence to enter values inside form fields for any desktop or web application (web site).

Record Keyboard inputs for system events (Shut down, Restart, Logoff). When the certain hotkey is pressed, the system should apply the appropriate system action.

Macros for Mouse
Capture mouse movement and clicks (left/right click). Apply these events manually or automatically (scheduled).

Logging & Reporting
Comprehensive logging of events recorded and performed, should be captured.

Reporting of events with attributes such as event date, time, name of logged in user, weather macro completed successfully or not.

The application should allow user to save settings such as:
- Run application on startup.
- Application Thread Priority based on windows settings (Below Normal, Normal, High etc).
[no name] 5-Nov-11 13:16pm
That's interesting. So in which SDLC phase you are in now, for this Project?
shfitythrower 5-Nov-11 13:24pm
I am in coding phase right now, Kindly help me in this regard
[no name] 5-Nov-11 13:24pm
So where are you stuck? Any specific error?
shfitythrower 5-Nov-11 13:26pm
I have to start the coding now, I have completed design phase, suggest what will be the best tool to accomplish the above mentioned tasks
[no name] 5-Nov-11 13:35pm
Begin with this.

Believe me your work will be much smoother if you respect below sites.
shfitythrower 5-Nov-11 13:38pm
Thanks am already doing this... great help anyway
BillWoodruff 6-Nov-11 0:15am
I think you could make the title of this question a little clearer: what you are after here, I believe, is creating an Application that an end-user can use to record/edit/save complex macro-behavior involving the entire Windows system.

To me what you have described is an ambitious, major, project that will duplicate functionality now found in tools like PowerShell.

Check out George Mamaladze's article on Global Hot-Keys, and Mouse Hooks, here on CP

And, good luck !
[no name] 6-Nov-11 0:42am
Agree with you Bill. That is a extra-ambitious idea for a beginner. Nice advice indeed. Would have voted. :)
shfitythrower 6-Nov-11 10:20am
Thanks..... :)

1 solution

OK I know it's little to go on but I read a forum called
And a few days ago a user posted an amazing macro keyboard hook. Look through it a bit!

I wish you luck :)

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