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Dear Friends,

Here i Got A Problem in My Project.In My Project iam Encrypting the Querystring in Url.But iam Unable to Encrypt the Status Bar.So Please help me regarding how to Encrypt the StatusBar Info in all Browsers.


Updated 7-Nov-11 0:10am
Tarun Mangukiya 7-Nov-11 6:25am    
What do you want to do with status bar? Please Clarify...
Anil Honey 206 7-Nov-11 6:46am    
Actually iam Encrypting the Url.But the StatusBar is Showing the information of Encrypting Url on MouseOver.So i want to Encrypt the StatusBar.
Ankur\m/ 7-Nov-11 6:47am    
How are you doing that? JavaScript?
Anil Honey 206 7-Nov-11 6:54am    
No i created Class file for that For Encrypting and Decrypting the Url
Ankur\m/ 7-Nov-11 6:46am    
I would never send a secure data through a query string. Why not POST the data to the server?

Use Javascript to set the status bar text to whatever you want[^]

function setStatus(text)
  window.status = text;
< a href='...' Onmouseover= setStatus('whatever you want')>
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Anil Honey 206 7-Nov-11 22:08pm    
What is the Use of This.Can u Explian Me.Is this will Encrypt the Status Bar.
[no name] 7-Nov-11 22:32pm    
No it won't encrypt it, there is no method to do that. You can however, set the status bar text to whatever you would like; an encrypted string or just some default message.

Anil Honey 206 7-Nov-11 22:39pm    
OK Thanks But when i Encrypt the Url.The statusBar also Should Encrypt at a Time.
[no name] 7-Nov-11 23:12pm    
What part are you not getting? You can set the statusbar text to whatever you would like.

Take a look at the following articles,
Query string encryption for ASP.NET[^]
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Anil Honey 206 8-Nov-11 2:31am    
Thanx its working thank You VeryMuch.......
Do it using Javascript, create javascript function and call it on onMouseOver of links/buttons

function hidestatus()
  return true
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Actually, You want to Encrypt the content in javaScript,
Then you have to write the code to encrypt the content
or instead of encrypting you can use Encoding standards. but any one can decode it easily(Base64) Encoding standerds..

Encryption Techniques are
1)Strong encrypting techniques: RC4, AES, Serpent, Twofish and RSA

[You can Go through this link]

Otherwise you can use the following methods

function Encode()

      var EncodedUrl = encodeURIComponent("YourUrl");

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