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I am trying to send a message and receive a response using asynchonous sockets in .net. In a function I do the following

1. Send a message thru the socket
2. While(fullresponserecieved)=false, this holds state, this variable turns to true while I receive 0 bytes(or end of message).
3. Then I execute the rest of my function.

I think this is causing a problem with the threads. The thread executing function and the asynchronous socket threads. Is this the correct way to do this? Or should I be using a blocking thread? It may take some time to receive the entire response, up to about 1 minute, I wouldn't want my application to become unresponsive for that period of time.



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In my strong opinion, threads make asynchronous APIs redundant. Asynchronous calls should spawn a thread indirectly anyway, or have equivalent functionality. Using threads with synchronous blocking calls is more straightforward, robust and reliable way.

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Member 2542530 8-Nov-11 20:53pm    
Yes, that sounds like a good approach. Do you know any examples?

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