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I learned that WPF doesn't support inheritance for classes created with XAML and the associated code behind. Is there a workaround? For instance, I have an app that is a WPF window that contains methods that I would like available in a derived class defined in a mixed mode assembly written in C++/CLI.

Anyone care to take a shot at a suggestion?

Thanks in advance
Updated 10-Nov-11 14:34pm

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As you already seem to know you have to separate the XAML from the code behind, you do that be creating a class like any other normal class and inherit from a Control, like Window then in order to alter the appearance and add stuff you have to create a Style.
The below article shows you how you can do it.
Building Custom Template-able WPF Controls[^]
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alleyes 11-Nov-11 14:56pm    
Thanks for responding. I'm not sure if what you're suggesting solves the problem. The issue is not exactly visual inheritance. What I've tried is this: I defined a base class (no partials). I then in XAML create the control (a window in this case) derived from the base class. I target the window as a Class Library DLL so I can launch it from a C++ / CLI executable. The class is the C++ class derives from the base class also. At runtime I get the exception: The component 'MyInheritedForm' does not have a resource identified by the URI '/WPFNameSpce;component/mainwindow.xaml'.

I hope that is clearer.

Thanks again

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