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Hi, I can using streamreader to read a all doc files in My document folder and write all file content in a single doc file(output.doc). I using below coding. But it may read doc file content in encoded format. It dont not paste doc file.

Dim mydirpath As String = Environment.GetFolderPath(Environment.SpecialFolder.MyDocuments)
       Dim txtlist As String() = Directory.GetFiles(mydirpath, "*.doc")
       Dim strfile As New StringBuilder
       Dim txtname As String
       For Each txtname In txtlist
           Using sr As New StreamReader(txtname)
           End Using
       Using outfile As New StreamWriter(mydirpath + "\output.doc")
       End Using
Updated 11-Nov-11 5:43am

You cannot read word doc files with a streamreader. You need to have word installed on the computer and use the Interop Assemblies[^].
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I already explained this to you; why do you need to repost the same question?
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