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Alright first my situation :

1) a text document which has content like :

taxi|taxi|taxi cab|cab|minicab|airport taxi|airport transfer
skincare|skincare|skin care|cosmetic|natual skin care|natural skin care
masses|masses|public|people|world|lots|plenty|wider public|herd|loads|amounts
you can do so|you can do so|that can be done
i wish the|i wish the|the manufacturers should
the reason is that|the reason is that|this is because
big issue|big issue|serious problem|major problem|big problem

this file has 64,000+ lines and all lines are like above. This file has english words and their synonyms.

2) an application with a richtextbox and a button. The user will write some text in the box and when he hits the button, the application will read the whole text and then do this :

* read the text file line by line
* find all the words in the box - the words are chosen by splitting the line from text file at "|". The first word is the word to find. For eg : uber, skincare, big issue etc.
* replace the word by the other part of split string

My code :

Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
        Dim fil2 As New StreamReader("new2.txt")

        Dim i As Integer = 0
        Dim start2 As Integer = 0

        Do While fil2.Peek > -1
            Dim StringToCheck As String = fil2.ReadLine()
            Dim prev As String = ""

            If (StringToCheck.Split("|")(0).Split(" ").Count >= 2) Then
                    Dim z As Integer = RichTextBox1.Find(StringToCheck.Split("|")(0).Trim(), start2, RichTextBoxFinds.WholeWord)

                    If (z > 0) Then
                        'rtfArticle.SelectionColor = Color.Orange
                        RichTextBox1.Select(z, StringToCheck.Split("|")(0).Trim().Length)

                        Dim ss2 As String = ""
                        Dim ss3 As String = ""

                         If (RichTextBox1.SelectedText <> "") Then
RichTextBox1.SelectedText = StringToCheck.Split("|")(1) & "|" & StringToCheck.Split("|")(2) & "|" & StringToCheck.Split("|")(3) & "|" & StringToCheck.Split("|")(4)
                        End If

                        start2 = 0

                    End If

                Catch ex As Exception

                End Try
            End If



    End Sub

now the problem is that this takes hell lot of time. I tried with approx. 2500+ lines in richtextbox and it took 50 mins.

My thinking of solution : Iam thinking of running like 25 threads and passing 100 lines to each thread to the operation. But iam sure there should be another method or commercial component to do the same?

Any help plz.
Updated 12-Nov-11 20:26pm
Mehdi Gholam 13-Nov-11 2:35am    
Have you tried working outside the RichtextEditor (string.Replace Split Find etc.)?
amit_upadhyay 13-Nov-11 3:06am    
nope. should i try that? Will it really make any difference ? Are gui components generally slow?
Mehdi Gholam 13-Nov-11 3:10am    
Yes they are very slow.
amit_upadhyay 13-Nov-11 3:20am    
ok thanks. i will try regex and string to see how it goes.

1 solution

You should try using regular expresions to find matches. Something like this

Dim fileName As String = "D:\Documents\test.txt"
        Dim srText As New StreamReader(fileName)
        Dim text As String = srText.ReadToEnd()
        Dim regMatch As String = TextBox1.Text
        If Regex.IsMatch(text, regMatch) Then
            MessageBox.Show("Text found")
        End If

Hope this helps
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