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I'm making a multipage art gallery website in a silverlight application on visual studio 2010. I've added buttons for navigation to different pages, but when I change the background colour in the properties the colour does not change?


<usercontrol x:class="LondonArtGallery.MainPage" xmlns:x="#unknown">
    d:DesignHeight="531" d:DesignWidth="882" xmlns:sdk="">

    <grid x:name="LayoutRoot" removed="#FF345C3E" height="531" width="882">
            <rowdefinition height="107*" />
            <rowdefinition height="424*" />
        <Button Content="Home" FontSize="16" Height="37" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Margin="76,13,0,0" Name="btnhome" VerticalAlignment="Top" Width="85" Grid.Row="1" Foreground="#FF211F1F" Background="#FF0D0DF8" Click="btnhome_Click">
                    <gradientstop color="#FFA3AEB9" offset="0" />
                    <gradientstop color="#FF8399A9" offset="0.375" />
                    <gradientstop color="#FF718597" offset="0.375" />
                    <gradientstop color="#8B231056" offset="1" />
        <textbox grid.row="1" height="239" horizontalalignment="Left" margin="76,48,0,0" name="txtContent" verticalalignment="Top" width="698" text="Welcome to the London Art Gallery website. Here you can view contempary artwork from some of the best artists today" textchanged="textBox1_TextChanged" verticalscrollbarvisibility="Visible" />
        <Image Height="107" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Margin="229,0,0,0" Name="image1" Stretch="Fill" VerticalAlignment="Top" Width="653" Source="/LondonArtGallery;component/Images/Banner.jpg" />
Updated 13-Nov-11 5:23am
Mark Salsbery 13-Nov-11 10:56am    
Show code! Do your buttons have a template that uses the Background property? The default button template may use a gradient or opaque version of the background color (see Button Styles and Templates[^]). Do you see your color when cursor moves over the buttons?
programmer1234 13-Nov-11 11:23am    
Code is now displayed in the question
Mark Salsbery 13-Nov-11 11:32am    
Cool thanks. If setting the Background property alone isn't giving you the look you want then you still may need to re-template the control to get your desired look. See the default template at the link I posted above.
programmer1234 13-Nov-11 11:45am    
That worked, thanks for your help.
thatraja 13-Nov-11 14:19pm    
Oops, I couldn't give you 5 here

1 solution

Styles and templates play a vital role in SilverLight control design. You can refer SilverLight button styles and templates at:[^]
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