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Using WinXP and Visual Studio 2008...
When I change the HideSelection or WordWrap properties in a RichTextBox, the Undo buffer is cleared (CanUndo becomes False). I was unsure if this was normal behavior or a bug in my own system, since MS Notepad and Fookes NoteTab also exhibit this behavior when I toggle WordWrap on or off.

Either I've not been paying attention all this time, or XP has developed a bug.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 13-Nov-11 20:10pm    
First of all, tag you UI library (WPF, Forms, what?) or provide fully qualified name for your classes.

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I tested it, observe it on my old native-windows application, but not on WPF where the undo is preserved after changing of WordWrap. I tested it on XP. So, hard to say where the problem is, but this is a kind of bug: Undo should not depends on properties related only to view.

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Alan Burkhart 13-Nov-11 22:17pm    
I got a buddy of mine to try it on his Win7 machine. Notepad's word wrap still wipes the undo memory in 7. No clue why, but that's how it works. Since I can't change it I won't worry about it. Thanks for taking the time. :-)
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 13-Nov-11 22:39pm    
No problem. I'll pay attention to this matter. If I collect some other facts I'll let you know.
To me, it looks like Windows API bug, the problem is the scope of it.
Alan Burkhart 14-Nov-11 9:12am    
The project in question is just a text editor for my own use. I may switch from the RichTextBox to ScintillaNet. I also dislike the oddball way the RTB handles lines (turning on WordWrap can change the line count).

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