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how can find any date by specify week number of month and week day...


If i want

What is the date every month on third Thursday

so it should reply...


how can i achieve this please help....

i am able to do this

DateTime dt = DateTime.Today;
   CultureInfo ciCurr = CultureInfo.CurrentCulture;
   int weekNum = ciCurr.Calendar.GetWeekOfYear(dt, CalendarWeekRule.FirstFullWeek, DayOfWeek.Monday);
   weekNum = weekNum / 12;
   string weekday = dt.DayOfWeek.ToString();

i am able to get week number and week day of any date.....

but now i want to find date by given week number and week day....

to add an extension method called WeekNumber for a DateTime instance here is the code:
public static class DateTimeExtensions
    public static int WeekNumber(this System.DateTime value)
        return CultureInfo.CurrentCulture.Calendar.GetWeekOfYear(value,CalendarWeekRule.FirstFourDayWeek,DayOfWeek.Monday);
Thanks for comment. I updated it.
You the following method:
private List<datetime> GetDateByWeek(DateTime startDate, int weekNumOfMonth, int dayOfWeek)
        List<datetime> dates = new List<datetime>();
        DateTime dt = new DateTime(startDate.Year, startDate.Month, 1);

        for (int i = 0; i < 5; i++)
            int day = (weekNumOfMonth - 1) * 7 - 1 + dayOfWeek - (int)dt.DayOfWeek;
            dates.Add(dt.AddDays(day >= 0 ? day : day + 7));
            dt = dt.AddMonths(1);
        return dates;

To use this, for example for third week, thursday, just call like this:

List<DateTime> myDates = GetDateByWeek(DateTime.Now, 3, 5);
dilip.aim11 17-Nov-11 2:07am
this is only return next month...
its adding month....
and where we using weekNumOfMonth in this code....

i run this code... it only adding month....
Member 4033260 28-Jun-12 2:45am
very helpful with some modification....
Member 13171817 9-May-17 6:42am
how to extract month start date and month end date for a 4-4-5 calender ,i am working on sql plus editior plse help me and suggest me a query

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