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I have one string which holds value and i want to search that value from combobox and assign as selected item.

i am using following code but not there any other way?

cmbCameraName contains items: Add,Delete,Modify

string CameraName="Add";
int index =Convert.ToInt16(cmbCameraName.FindName(CameraName));
                      cmbCameraName.SelectedIndex = index;

Updated 24-Nov-11 18:54pm
rajeevcapgeminiindia 25-Nov-11 1:37am    
In comboBox you can store two things
-Display Text
-Combo Value

If you select display Text, then write following code to get Combo Value
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 25-Nov-11 2:01am    
Did you try to see the value of index under debugger. -1? 0?

1 solution

are you sure that your combobox has a value?

if it has a value then try this:

int index =Convert.ToInt16(cmbCameraName.FindName(CameraName));
                      cmbCameraName.SelectedIndex = index;

if ur still encountering a probelm ask me,,,

thanks hope it helps. :)
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KIDYA 25-Nov-11 1:38am    
Still encountering a problem.I am loading values into Combobox before calling this code and it contains values.
D K N T H 25-Nov-11 1:51am    
try this:

int index =Convert.ToInt16(combobox.selectedvalue = index);
KIDYA 25-Nov-11 2:07am    
Initially index is on -1.No any value is selected.above code will work for it?
D K N T H 25-Nov-11 2:18am    
try this:

string CameraName="Add";
int index =Convert.ToInt16(cmbCameraName.SelectedValue = CameraName));

mark this as an answer if it helps you..

KIDYA 25-Nov-11 5:44am    
Not an error input string is not in correct format

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