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Hi all
I have problem related to combo box in C#.
What i want is...
i have to combo boxex. One contain group of products and there is another combo box where i want the sub products which will come based on the selection from combo box 1.
How can i do that.
Please send the code. I am a developer and need it urgently.
Thanking You
Updated 25-Nov-11 8:37am

On selected index changed/Value changed event of first combobox you will the id/value of the combobox,Based on the selected value you can load what ever the values you want to fill in the next combobox.
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RaviRanjanKr 25-Nov-11 14:34pm    
A suggestion :- Please avoid using short text like u instead of using You.
protected void cmb1_OnSelectedIndexChanged(object sender,EventArgs e)
    long value = Convert.Int64(cmb1.SelectedValue);
void FillCombo2(long Combo1Value)
// fill dataset based on combo1Valuee and assign it to cmb2
    cmb2.dataSource = dt1;
    cmb2.DisplayMember ="Name";
    cmb2.ValueMember ="Id";

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BillWoodruff 25-Nov-11 13:18pm    
This answer would be much more valuable if you showed how the passed in long, the value of 'Combo1Value in 'FillCombo2, was used to construct the dataset that I assume the name 'dt1 refers to.
Handle the SelectedIndexChanged[^] event for the first ComboBox, then update the second combo box based on the SelectedItem[^] value for the first ComboBox.
You can navigate given link for more reference
Update a combo box automatically when first combo box gets some value[^]
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KAP75 26-Nov-11 5:08am    
Hi sagar15modi
I tried with the code u gave me. It gives error "Complex DataBinding accepts as a data source either an IList or an IListSource." What is this error i didnt understood this. Actually i forgot to inform in my question that i am using VS2008. Another thing is there is no function like DataBind(). so What to do.
Thanking You in advance.

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