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Learning VB.Net on my own. I'm connected to a database using ODBC and I'm able to retrieve data to fill in a combo box. When I click on an item in the combo box, I want to retrieve the corresponding data for the record I selected and fill in the required data fields on the form. I know how to fill in the remaining fields. I don't know how to get from clicking the combo box to retrieving the remaining data.

Can any one explain to me or provide me with the code to achieve this result?


1 solution

Handle the SelectedIndexChanged event, and use the SelectedItem property:
Private Sub myComboBox_SelectedIndexChanged(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles myComboBox.SelectedIndexChanged
    Dim cb As ComboBox = TryCast(sender, ComboBox)
    If cb IsNot Nothing Then
        Dim item As String = DirectCast(cb.SelectedItem, String)
    End If
End Sub

I would strongly suggest you find a course, or a book - they present the material in a structured way, which should ensure that you do not miss important details as you go along. If you try to learn by "just doing it" I guarantee you will be missing lots as you go, and making things a lot harder for yourself than you need to!
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