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Can anyone explain belo coding:

using System;

class MyClass
  public int[] MyIntArray;
  public int Y;
  public int ObjectCount = 0;

  public MyClass()
    MyIntArray = new int[10];
    //Do work necessary during object creation
  //Overloads the MyClass allowing you to initialize Y
  public MyClass(int myY)
    Y = myY;

class MainClass{
  static void Main(string[] args)
    MyClass X = new MyClass();


    MyClass YY = new MyClass(10);

Updated 29-Nov-11 21:16pm

1 solution

Do you have any idea how much work explaining code line by line is?
Every single line needs a paragraph of explanation! For example:
int next = r.Next();

Create a new variable called "next" which can hold a integer value. From the previously declared Random instance "r", call the "Next" method to get a new random number, and assign it to the "next" variable.

Can you imagine how long it would take us to explain even a very short code fragment like your example, line by line?

No. It is not going to happen. If you have a specific problem, then ask a question about it. But think first - would you want to sit down for 45 minutes and type up a line-by-line description for no good reason?
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