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I have a listbox that I've binded to a List<t> collection object but when I make changes in the List<t> object it's not being reflected in the my listbox. What am I doing wrong here?

Oh, by the way I'm using windows form. Here's my code:

class MyDataObject
   List<string> data;

   public MyDataObject()
      data = new List<string>() {"abc","rst","xyz"};

   public List<string> Data
     get{return data;}
     set{data = value;}

// Windows Form section

MyDataObject datObj = MyDataObject();

public Form()
   listbox1.DataSource = datObj.Data;
   listbox1.DisplayMember = "Data";

void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
  string newData = textbox1.Text;


The listbox initially shows the dataObj's Data items but when I add new data to the textbox and pass it to my dataObject and click button1 it's not displaying in my listbox which I thought was binded to my datObj's Data memeber?
Updated 5-Dec-11 9:53am
RaviRanjanKr 5-Dec-11 15:54pm    
[Edited]Code is wrapped in "pre" tag[/Edited]
d.allen101 5-Dec-11 15:57pm    
what's the correct way to tag my code? is it: [/code] [code]?
RaviRanjanKr 5-Dec-11 16:06pm    
No "Pre" tag is much better for wrap your codes. just select your codes and click on pre tag.

Instead of a List<t>, use an ObservableCollection<t> to get notified of insertions, the List itself does not notify changes.
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Try using BindingList<t> in stead or List<t>. the list does not fire an changed update and as such your list box will not be updated.

Regards, AT
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You need to rebind the listview to refresh its values.

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