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I m having problem with my web application where i set the form timeout to 15 mins (this is when no activity from user) and session ends after 15 minutes as well (session state timeout i set to 15 mins in web.config)

But even there's activity,it automatically redirects me to login page.

Any ideas guys how to overcome this issue?
sahabiswarup 8-Dec-11 0:16am    
can you please show me the code what type of logic you are exactly using.


If you have a master page then put the trapping in
masterpage code behind.

Example code:

In you login page code behind should content
Session["UserId"] = user.UserId;

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
        ClientScriptManager s = Page.ClientScript;
        if (!IsPostBack)
            txtUserId.Text = Session["UserId"];
            // ...
            if (txtUserId.Text == string.Empty)
           //... Some code here?
        //... some code here?

If ever the session expire, the Session["UserId"] automaticaly
should contents empty, therefore redirecting to login page...

Hope this could help...

Do not forget to vote if could help...

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pwtc222 8-Dec-11 1:54am    
i found that even i set the sessionstate for 1440mins,but the session expires in 15 this could happen?
Al Moje 8-Dec-11 3:59am    
You may combined ViewState within Session. Advise you to know the usages of these two. Such as there deferences...
Please check GLOBAL.asax is there any redirection code in SESSION_ONEND EVENT, remove it
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