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Hi All,

I need to take a value in a string (from a rich text box) I have managed to split up the text into substrings with the the split property of strings.
I need to place these in an array to allow them to read seperatly and added to other strings and on. I have the following
foreach (string subString in ValueCommand2.Split('\n'))

    Command2[g] = subString;
    // MessageBox.Show(Command2);

That is the correct wat of splitting up the string right?
The problem is now declairing Command2 as an array of strings
I have
string Command2[] = new string array[5];

This is wrong isn't it?

Split[^] already gives you an array of Strings, so all you have to do is this:

String ValueCommand2 = "/* some lines of text belong in here */";
String[] Command2 = ValueCommand2.Split(new char[] { '\n' });

You can get the size of the array by using the Array's Length property.


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glennPattonWork3 9-Dec-11 6:10am    
Thanks didn't think of that!
Abhinav S 9-Dec-11 6:21am    
[no name] 21-Oct-12 14:16pm    
I use "List<string> stringlist = new List<string>()" This enables me to use stringlist.Add("string to add"); and you can use stringlist.sort(). and you don't have to declare a specific size when you create it...

stringlist = ValueCommand2.Split('\n').ToList() //bam
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Solved it!
string Command2[] =  new string[5];
string[] Command2 =  new string[5];

Note to Self Look at your code before you shout for help!
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glennPattonWork3 17-May-12 11:36am    
Thanks for that, must admit I had forgotten I asked this question. Scarily similar to a problem I was (am having) at the moment with some somewhere to interface to a board more or less like that one!


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