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Translates text table files into HTML table files

Text Table File Format
  title: title_of_the_table;
  heading: heading_1, heading_2, ..., heading_n;
  row: value_1, value_2, ..., value_n;
  row: value_1, value_2, ..., value_n;
  ... ... ...
  border: (yes | no); // default: no
  csum: (yes | no); // default: no
  rsum: (yes | no); // default: no
  ... // another table

Each table begins with “[“ and ends with “]”
•Each statement begins with a specific keyword and ends with “;”
•Statements have no order, i.e., they can be intermixed
•“row” statement is essential (at lease 1 required) but others are optional
•Keywords are not case sensitive
•A text file may contain unlimited number of tables
•A table can embed another table within a row (refer to the next slide)

text table code

title: Example table A;
heading: heading_1, heading_2, heading_3;
row: value_11, value_21, value_31;
row: value_12, value_22, value_32;

translate to html table(output)

<caption>Example table A</caption>

if text table code has a ' border:yes '

output table should have a border

Basic Requirements
•Must conform basic principles of OOP
–Encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, overloading, …
•HTML table elements must be implemented as a class and must form a inheritance hierarchy
–Make the root class “Element” that has common data and methods
•E.g., data member “children”, “value”, …
•E.g., polymorphic method “serialize” that calls “serialize” of child objects
–Make each table element class by inheriting from class “Element”
•E.g., class “Table”, “Caption”, “Tr”, “Th”, “Td”, …
–Handle all expected exceptions
–Write comments for each class, method, object, function, and variable in detail
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Albert Holguin 14-Dec-11 0:02am    
What's your question? You don't expect us to do that for you do you?
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 14-Dec-11 0:05am    
And why, why..?
Balakrishnan Dhinakaran 14-Dec-11 0:06am    
Do your task search in google for solutions again if you have some doubts you can ask here but don't give your task to others .. 14-Dec-11 1:11am    
No homeworks. I didn't do my home works, why you think we should do yours?
Nagy Vilmos 14-Dec-11 3:43am    
Formatted because I care.

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If you are going to post your homework, at least try to make it look like you have attempted to do something yourself!

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Prashant Srivastava LKO 14-Dec-11 7:33am    
Nice answer sir

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