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I'm trying to populate the List<string> in ListView, but facing problem not at all able to populate the data.

Below giving the steps that I'm following please help.

Search on this a lot but seems its not working.<<br mode="hold" />
class Data
//using cLR properties and not a dependency property (not sure whether that causing 
//any problem)

private List<string> _pName;
      private List<string> _pNumber;
  public' List'<string>' PName
            get { return _pName; }
            set { _pName= value; }
        public' List<string> PNumber
            get { return _pNumber; }
            set { _pNumber= value; }
//Getting data in PName and PNumber accordingly by some function call

<listview selectedvaluepath="Value" name="someName" selectionmode="Single" margin="263,35,12,50">
selectionchanged="some_SelectionChanged" focusable="False" fontweight="Bold" tabindex="4">
                       <gridviewcolumn header="Person Number" width="Auto" />
                       <gridviewcolumn header="Person Name" width="Auto" />

Search on this a lot but seems its not working.

Please let me know if you need any more details.

Thanks !!
Updated 16-Dec-11 8:41am
RaviRanjanKr 16-Dec-11 14:43pm    
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1 solution

You just didn't populate your listview
Example how to do it:

someName.ItemsSource = Data.PNumber();

You can put into the someName.ItemSource=// a special method like GetYourPNumbers()

Add to your definition of the listview someName
ItemContainerStyle="{StaticResource ItemContStyle}";
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