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can anyone help point me in the right direction, i've read the same instructions on a variety of sites, and i can't seem to find a clear explanation of what i need to do or read up on :([^]

I am trying to run the above code in a webbrowser control in a Visual Studio 2010 - VB form, and despite days reading through peoples advice on the subject, I can't quite make the breakthrough as to understand why the javascript loading functions don't work in a visual basic webbrowser control, when they work perfectly well in IE or Firefox, and what i need to do to get the api working in this environment. I've read a lot of material on using the document.invokescript function, but i'm a bit puzzled about how it relates to the above code.

All i really want to do is load a video into a windows form, and call the play control from the form code, if i could either get the above code to work in a windows form control (any would do) or find an alternative means, it would be great.

I haven't included any source from the project, because it is simply a webbrowser.navigate to a page containing the above html/javascript. It works fine in a standard browser environment, but in a webbrowser control it's as if the javascript bit is disabled.

This seems to me like a really simple problem, but it's out of my comfort area, and despite days of reading, i'm still waiting for that penny drop moment :s

Many Thanks in advance

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