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Hi everyone.
I've searched for a code in C# which create Excel document with dynamically added macro code for VBAProject. I found something like this - a piece of code is below. A Workbook and macro is created as I expect but there is one problem with it. After saving document (line wb.SaveAs) a whole VBAProject become locked and I haven't access to it anymore. When I click on Project Excel says that Project is unviewable. I can still execute a macro which is added by C# (FormatSheet) but can't edit a code.
Weird thing that when I tried to use line: wb.Save(); then VBAProject isn't locked (but I have to manually save file in Excel).
It is something wrong with parameters I am using in method SaveAs ?
My version of Office is 2003.
I'll be appreciate for any sugestions.

string MyFile = Path.GetFullPath(".") + @"\sample.xls";
Excel.Application xl = null;
Excel._Workbook wb = null;
Excel._Worksheet sheet = null;
VBIDE.VBComponent module = null;

    if (File.Exists(FileName)) { File.Delete(FileName); }

    xl = new Excel.Application();                
    xl.Visible = true;
    wb = (Excel._Workbook)(xl.Workbooks.Add( Missing.Value ));              
    sheet = (Excel._Worksheet)wb.ActiveSheet;
    for(int r = 0;r<20;r++)
    	for(int c=0;c<10;c++)
    		sheet.Cells[r + 1, c+1] = 125; 

    module = wb.VBProject.VBComponents.Add( VBIDE.vbext_ComponentType.vbext_ct_StdModule);
                			wb.SaveAs(FileName,Excel.XlFileFormat.xlWorkbookNormal , null, null, false, false,Excel.XlSaveAsAccessMode.xlShared,false,false,null,null,null);
catch( Exception theException ) 
    Console.WriteLine(theException.Message );

    	xl.Visible = false;
    	xl.UserControl = false; 					
    catch { }

    if (module != null)  { Marshal.ReleaseComObject (module); }
    if (sheet !=null) { Marshal.ReleaseComObject (sheet); }
    if (wb !=null)    { Marshal.ReleaseComObject (wb); }
    if (xl !=null)    { Marshal.ReleaseComObject (xl); }
    module = null;
    xl = null;

private static string GetMacro()
   StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
   sb.Append("Sub FormatSheet()" + "\n");
   sb.Append("  Range(\"A6:J13\").Select " + "\n");
   sb.Append("  Selection.Font.ColorIndex = 3" + "\n");
   sb.Append("End Sub");

   return sb.ToString();

1 solution

I've done some experiments with parameters of the SaveAs method and when I used this form

wb.SaveAs(FileName, Excel.XlFileFormat.xlWorkbookNormal, null, null, false, false, Excel.XlSaveAsAccessMode.xlNoChange, false, false, null, null, null);

I have access to VBProject so it seems that enumeration
is in this case responsible for my problem.
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