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I am creating an application which uses global hotkeys to copy selected text from currently focused application. My application runs in background & monitors clipboard using WinProc method.

The problem is copying text from Excel spreadsheet, when multiple Worhbooks of excel application are running, it always copy selected text of first workbook opened.

I have searched a lot regarding how to access different workbooks, or access currently focused workbook, but none of the method worked for me.

I want to use this case scenario:
1) User opens a new Excel Workbook (say WorkBook1).
2) User press hotkey (say CTRL+ALT+V), (Working fine)

3) User opens another new Excel workbook (say WorkBook2).
4) User press hotkey, focusing new workbook. (not working, it is copying selected text from first instance of workbook).

I used the following code to get Excel Application:

Excel.Application objExcel;
objExcel = (Excel.Application)Marshal.GetActiveObject("Excel.Application");

always gives me the name of first workbook opened.

I only need to access selected text from current active workbook using C# code.

Can anyone please help me solving this problem...

Thanks in advance.
mayankshrivastava 29-Dec-11 10:47am    
hi i have question a basis on excel file and word file and think so you might be help me out.
i have two ms word document file (2007) save as German.doc and English.doc and one ms office excel file (2007) save as dictionary.xls.

I made two columns in dictionary.xls , German in r1c1 and English in r1c2
Now I write word "LL" in r2c1 and in r2c2 word "MY" in excel file.
now i just wanted to check if German.doc contains word "LL" so it should be write on English.doc as "MY".

but this code is on VB.

Please help me out.

Thanks ......

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