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hi am new to , I have one doubt in How to compare the textbox value with the database field and to retrieve the matched rows in gridview . please any one give an idea.
thatraja 28-Dec-11 0:30am    
Where is your code?


Write a stored procedure or query which accepts some text(in your case it is textbox text) and pull the data using query like following

select (your fileds) from yourtable where (yourdatabase field to be compared) like '%'+your textbox value+'%'

Hope this helps
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Write a sp and send text box value in one parameter using sql command object.
Query will be
select * from TableName where TableField = @TextBoxValue

Now, using run cmd.ExecuteNonQuery() and using dataadapter fill data to dataset. and bind this dataset to gridview.
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Try This Store procedure for comparing txt from txtbox and value from DB.
first give the value to storeprocedure it will compaire from db value

@supname char(7)
supid_name as [Supplier Name]
From Supplier
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