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Why the error is giving in the line - mycountries.Readxml(MapPath("countries.xml"))

My coading is given below

<% @ Import NameSpace="System.Data"%>
<% @ Page Language="VB" Debug="true"%>
<Script  runat="server">
Sub Page_Load
if not Page.IsPostBack then
dim mycountries = New Dataset
rb.DataSource = mycountries
rb.DataValueField = "value"
rb.DataTextField = "Text"
End if
End Sub
Sub displayMassage (s As object, e As EventArgs)
Lbl1.Text = "Your Favourite Country is:" & rb.SelectedItem.Text
End Sub
<title>Hashtable with XML File</title>
<form  runat="server">
<asp:CheckBoxList id = "rb" runat = "server" AutoPostBack = "True" onSelectedIndexChanged = "displayMassage"/>
<asp:Label id = "Lbl1" runat = "server"/>
Updated 3-Jan-12 21:54pm
AmitGajjar 4-Jan-12 3:55am    
Pre tag added.

1 solution

Please check the XML file i think that contains Unicode characters. OR Xml data is in incorrect format
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Janardan Pandey 4-Jan-12 3:37am    
But my XML file containts are given below





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